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GMH Briefing--Consultation on MH AP and NCD AP 7 Oct 2015

Message from the Forum

We apologize for the amount of time that’s passed since we last updated the website. I’m glad to say, though, that this wasn’t due to a lack of activity but to our involvement in a range of activities, culminating in a particularly busy January. First we held the second ART for HEALTH sale, this time in Geneva at the Ecumenical Centre. Our thanks to all those who donated art and all those who helped – it was very successful and gave our finances a welcome boost.

Of great interest in terms of issues we’ve been following was the WHO Executive Board in late January. WHO reform, including relations with non-State actors, was again on the agenda and the EB also held a one-day special session on Ebola. This month’s newsletter contains a round-up of comments and reflections on the EB, but let me say that it was encouraging to witness the ways the Ebola epidemic is helping shape aspects of WHO reform. A resolution was passed on WHO emergency responsiveness, and it’s now up to the NGO community to make sure their rightful role is recognized in terms of contributing to its implementation as well working with others to monitor its effectiveness.

Best wishes for the year ahead, Alan Leather (President)


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